Audio delay/advance

The audio delay / advance feature, found by selecting the speaker tab overlay whilst playing media, works brilliantly to help cancel out the extra processing required by my tv to decode the various high end audio streams before passing them to my soundbar (Sonos beam so limited audio formats permitted). Would there be any way to apply the required advance to, for instance, a particular mnt or folders, rather than the present option of the episode in play or across all media? My ‘TV Shows’ folder/mnt probably consists of 99% twin mono episodes so the audio advance pushes the problem the other way. I can obviously adjust each program on its own but wondered if this approach was even possible? Thanks.

Not that I have ever heard of. I think the best your going to do is keymap AudioDelayMinus and AudioDelayPlus to buttons for fullscreen video to make it quicker to adjust (or something like this). If you using the OSMC remote we have the left button long-press mapped to the slider which is only slightly less quick.

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Thanks, it’s no big deal, and the fact that we have the ability to advance the audio is great.

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It is possible to do this by editing the database. If use MySQL/MariaDB, then the following will work:

INSERT INTO settings (idFile, AudioDelay)
SELECT episode.idFile, 42
FROM episode, tvshowlinkpath, path
WHERE (path.strPath = '/mnt/whatever/') AND (tvshowlinkpath.idPath = path.idPath) AND (tvshowlinkpath.idShow = episode.idShow)
SET settings.AudioDelay = 42

Replace the /mnt/whatever with the directory that contains the TV shows you want to fix (requires the trailing slash), and replace the 42 with the delay amount. You can find the amount by setting a delay manually, then seeing what works.


Thanks for this. It’s something I’ve been meaning to look into as my library grows, and since I seem to have plenty of time on my hands at the moment, maybe now’s the time.