Audio delay after resuming playback

Vero 4k+ audio will be delayed if I stop a movie, turn off TV, and resume playback about 10 minutes later. If I reboot the vero 4k+ audio will be back in sync again if I resume playback from when I stopped it. These are 4k atmos remux mkvs.

Vero is connected to soundbar through HDMI which is connected to TV through HDMI. Passthrough is enabled. Files are on shared drive setup with autofs. Audio does not sync back up if let alone. Only reboot of vero 4k+ fixes issue.

I tried:

  • resetting audio options to default

  • turning off suspend vero after 30 minutes

Debug log of me restarting and resuming playback with no delay. Then waiting about 15 minutes and restarting playback again which has a delay.:

Is passthrough enabled?
If so — I am not sure how this can be a Vero issue.

Yes, on passthrough. If that means the vero is not responsible I will troubleshoot the soundbar, most likely return it and look at other audio options.

Thanks Sam.

We will just be sending the audio through untouched. Your soundbar reports support for HD audio formats, so this may be an issue with the soundbar itself.