Audio delay and 24p content

Hi, I’m using the latest OSMC on a RPi2 and I’m having some issues. With “Adjust display refresh rate to match video” enabled, audio is ~175ms out of sync in 24p content. To compensate I’m trying to set audio delat to 175ms only for 24p content so I created an advancedsettings.xml file and set it according to the Kodi wiki but it is ignoring every value I set in there.

Here’s my advancedsettings.xml file in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata:

        <timeseekforward>5</timeseekforward> <!-- Skip back time 15 s -->
        <timeseekbackward>-5</timeseekbackward> <!-- Skip forward time 15 s -->

Kodi is reading the file correctly (checked kodi.log) and timeseekforward and timeseekbackward are having the desired effect. I have exaggerated values on delay just to check if it’s working. Doesn’t matter what number I put in there, it is having no effect. I can set the delay for each individual movie using the interface, but it’s not a good solution.

Any ideas or other solutions to fix audio out of sync for 24p content?


Have you tried updating the firmware on your TV ? I’ve not noticed any audio sync issues with 24Hz (actually 23.976Hz) output on my Pi 2 using HDMI audio.

I don’t suppose you’re using the analog audio output by any chance ?

Nope. HDMI output and TV updated. Thanks for replying. But, aside from that, any idea why the delay set in advancedsettings.xml is having no effect?

Does it behave any differently with omxplayer disabled in video/acceleration settings?

Yeah, when disabling omxplayer acceleration, the delay values are working as intended. Only problem is, without acceleration, 1080p content has stuttering issues every few seconds.

Pi1 or Pi2?
On Isengard omxplayer is disabled by default on pi2 and shouldn’t have issues.
Pi1 should behave better, but may struggle with high bitrate 1080p with omxplayer disabled.

I’ll see if I can find why the audio offset is handled differently between the OSD settings and advancedsettings as it sounds like omxplayer only works with the former scheme.

Pi2. Thanks!