Audio delay between TV soud and AVR sound

I am using a Vero 4k+ and most of the time i am using with TV and sound of the TV

OSMC is also connected to my AVR denon by using Optical (SPDIF) audio output. audio passtrough

So sometimes for a good movie i used the sound of the denon that is perfect but only when i Mute the sound ot the TV.

with the TV there is a delay that is very annoying.

I understand i need to delay something but I am not sure where (Denon, osmc TV ). I am trying to read the forum but this is is not straighforward for me.

thank you for you help

Does your Denon have hdmi inputs? If so you should plug your Vero into that and turn on passthrough in the Denon’s Video settings. This way the audio will automatically switch from the AVR to the TV depending on if it is turned on, and your audio delay issue should also disappear.

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Thanks for the answer. I need to try this solution

Question. If my denon is turn off the TV should have the video and the audio


With passthrough turned on in the Denon it just forwards the hdmi signal to the TV when it is off so your TV acts like the AVR is not there in the first place. In mine you can set it to forward either the last source or a specific one. What your TV does depends on if your using CEC and how it is configured. With CEC turned off you would have to manually mute the TV like you do now when you are using the AVR. If you use CEC then you will probably have to play with it to figure out what your TV can do.

How well this works depends on your equipment but I did test it on my 2019 LG TV and Denon AVR. With my TV set to use ARC for audio and to not control power state of AVR, and the Denon set to passthrough I have full audio/video in sync with the AVR on or off. When the AVR is off the TV’s CEC knows that it doesn’t have an ARC connection so it switches to the internal speakers. If I turn the AVR on the TV automatically switches over to ARC (which turns off the internal speakers) and outputs audio from my stereo.

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