Audio dropouts via MKV UHD rips

Just ripped Mission impossible fallout from UHD 4k disc into a MKV file. During playback, the audio drops out ever few seconds. I did not have this issue with another rip. Is it a setting in Kodi or possible some other issue? My network is 1gb so its not that.

Any suggestions?

Provide mediainfo and debug logs.

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OSMC is new to me, can you elaborate? Sorry!

Is this an Atmos / TrueHD title?

Yes it is a trueHD Atmos title. In fact that’s the only track I included when I ripped the movie to an mkv folder

I’m thinking I need to try another movie the same way to see if it’s the rip or the Vero.

False alarm! I re ripped the movie again (same way ironically) and now its working great!