Audio issue with passthrough on Vero V

Hi I have been having audio pass-through issues on my vero V. Basically after few seconds of play through the sound goes silent for a microsecond. This happens in all the firmware including the test firmware Kodi v21

It happens more often on DTS then on AC3. Disabling the pass through solves this issue but I am using hdmi arc so 5.1 will go as 2.0 pcm to my audio system.
I changed the hdmi cable still having the same issue. This happens on all the video files same files play perfectly on my TV and on my laptop.

Played a movie and the silent part is on 1:39, 2:04, 2:30.

Try change Adjust Refresh Rate to Always.

Is it better if you disable the whitelist?

Tried both methods still having same issues. Just to clarify the silent audio happens on random times even on the same video but the video plays properly with no pause.

Has this only happened recently?

How is everything connected?

No, this was happening for many months now I just didn’t report this. I was hoping v21 will solve this as they were using the new codec/decoder

OK, that’s useful to know.

So you have (from what I understand):

Vero → TV

TV - > speakers via ARC?

That’s right and system only supports DTS upto 5.1 and AC3 upto 5.1 and 2.0 pcm

In your log when you started playback could you hear audio?
I can see you stopped the playback quite quickly


I can hear audio it’s just there’s micro stutter on the audio. I only played for 3 minutes since it produced 3 instances of the silent stutter. It happens throughout all the videos especially on DTS

Do you have another TV to test with to rule out a problem with the AV equipment you are using?

No I don’t have another TV. I played the file through my TV video app and the kodi app on the TV and the audio works perfectly. So I don’t think it’s the AV or the TV.

It would be interesting to know if you experience this problem with a file that is DTS only, i.e. doesn’t have a DTS-HD track

Same with DTS 5.1
Silent audio on 1:25, 1:54, 2:22, 3:46, 4:14, 4:56

It doesn’t rule it out. It could even be a cabling issue.

I don’t fully understand the setup / why you are trying to use ARC

You have the Vero, TV, AVR and 2 speakers?

You could run the Vero to the AVR and that feeds the TV?

Your TV is reporting that it supports the following formats:

CodingType MaxChannels SamplingFreq SampleSize
PCM, 6 ch, 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz, 16/20/24 bit
AC-3, 6 ch, 32/44.1/48 kHz, MaxBitRate 640kb/s
DTS, 6 ch, 32/44.1/48 kHz, MaxBitRate 1504kb/s
Dobly_Digital+, 8 ch, 44.1/48 kHz, AFCDepValue 0x0
MAT, 8 ch, 48 kHz, AFCDepValue 0x0

I have a 5.1 speaker setup.
I use hdmi arc because my avr doesn’t support 4k.
I can try to test run via my AVR first but will try that later.
Already changed hdmi cable before but I can try again.

Does your TV have an option for how the ARC digital output is configured? My main TV has Auto, PCM and Dolby Audio. Might be worth looking into that. I have a vague recollection of a similar situation when briefly connecting a V4K direct to the TV pending arrival of a 4K AVR, and I think it was fixed by changing the TV’s digital out mode.

My tv is Sony Oled A80J. It’s on Auto pass through so this passes DTS and AC3 upto 5.1 and on Digital out it is on auto 1 which passes through compressed audio as compressed instead of PCM.
Its on the correct settings.
My AVR (Sony HTAS5 5.1) unfortunately does not have HDMI eARC or I could have just disabled pass through on vero V using pcm which is the only audio format that doesn’t have any issues playing.

My AVR (Yamaha) supports up to 4k30 but doesn’t understand HDR (BT2020/PQ). I use the option in Settings to tell Vero to send HDR as HDR (including HDR10+ which my TV supports). It works fine up to 4k30 and 4k60 material is sent as 1080p60. All audio formats supported. You might find that compromise works for you.