Audio keeps playing after closing the video


When opening video files and then pressing back while the file is still playing, Kodi will return to the menu but the audio portion of the file still continues to play. After that it’s not possible to open any video - when choosing different file the new audio will play but no video will be displayed at all. Same issue happens both when using Plex addon as well as ntfs share.

Example from the logs.

I opened “S01E10. Homer’s Night Out.avi”, pressed back couple seconds later. Got back to Kodi menu, audio portion continued to play in normal pace. Then I attempted to play “Rick.and.Morty.S02E10.720p.HDTV.x264-BATV.mkv” - new audio started but no video was displayed. It’s not possible to stop/pause the audio.

I’m using Raspberry Pi 2 with Samsung TV (hdmi-cec).

Please advise.

I think you’re just not familiar with how to use Kodi.

Pressing “back” while a video is playing is not supposed to stop the video, it’s normal for it to keep playing while you browse the menus - some skins will display the video on a transparent background while accessing the menus.

If you want to stop the video playing press stop on your remote or X on a keyboard. If you want to go back to the full screen video while it is still playing (after going to the menus) press TAB on a keyboard or Guide on your remote. Depending on your remote it may be a different button.

Embarrassing :flushed: You are completely right DBMandrake, I was pressing back button which wasn’t stopping the video (I thought it suppose to). No issue with OSMC here.

Thanks again.