Audio lag/out of sync of 0,4 seconds since OSMC RC


I did a fresh install of OSMC RC and since I’m experiencing an audio lag against the video with about 0,4 seconds behind. It doesn’t mather what source I’m playing from or what filetype (that I’ve tested) it’s all the same. This goes for LiveTV as wells as movies etc. I never experienced this in the alpha distros.

We have had a similar problem with raspbmc for about 1 year ago but that time it only effected LiveTV but kept the ordinary media files in audio sync.

Is this something that you know about and is about to fix? Anything I can do meanwhile?


Not a known problem.
Are you sure you haven’t set an audio_delay in the OSD / audio settings?

Yes I’m sure, I haven’t changed any settings.

But, I do compensate manually though by chaning the “sound behind” settings everytime I start playing a file. That’s how I know it’s exactly 0,4s. Also, it takes almost 5 minutes until it “lags” it way up to 0,4 seconds, frome the beginning of the file it’s always in sync and then it gets worse and finally ends up at 0,4. Also, If I paus the movie and wait for a couple of minutes and play again it usually starts with a random timelag, sometimes it’s perfectly synced and sometimes it’s somwhere in between - doesn’t really mather since it ends up at 0,4 after a couple of minutes again anyway.

Is this hdmi audio? Is analogue audio (e.g. plug in headphones) the same?

It was HDMI audio but I just tried it with analouge as well and it’s the same symptoms.

EDIT: The problem is fixed but not really sure why. I installed the MPEG2 codecs license, don’t know if that coulda helped. Also set the “Configuration of output” back to Optimize instead of “Best possible”. This was probably it!

Thanks for your help.

Hi again! Just wanted to say that the issue haven’t been fixed even though I thought so! It’s exactly the same problem with a 400ms lag/delay. Please advise.

I’ll install my new Vero today so this might solve the problem but still it’s a problem on the RPi.

Please provide debug enabled logs acquired while the issue is occurring.