Audio lip sync issues with more and more movies - Video lag behind audio increasing through playback

Hi Guys,
Since a while I started to notice that most if not all my movies starts to loose audio lip sync as the movie goes ahead. It includes 1080p and 4K HDR mkv files. I could not figure out the cause of this, and which file and when will get out of sync and with how many mili/seconds, therefore its really hard to troubleshoot.

What I found was, that video playback has some dropped/freezing frames, but audio plays well, so the more dropped frames I have through the playback, the bigger the audio out of sync delay gets.
When stopping and restarting the video playback from the last location, the out of sync issue disappears until more dropped frames happens.

I have a Vero 4K+ and the files are playing back perfectly on my PC (VLC player) so it’s impossible that all files corrupted in any way. Sometimes the out of sync delay only slightly disturbing (probably a few milisec), and I do not really care but there are movies where it can go up to a second or so.

The GPU temp is continuously 83C even in menu mode if thats help. Maybe the HW is getting old, and can’t keep up with the task?
Do you have an idea what can cause these occasional dropped frames while the audio continues without any disruption and causing these delays?


We have some playback improvements planned for the near future (next few weeks). This might yield some improvements.

Some logs might give some clues. Where are you playing content from?

Hi Sam, thanks I’m playing my movies from a NAS on a gigabit home lan. Interestingly it not only happens with 4K HDR movies but with 1080p smaller files as well. Neslxt time I’ll try to make a log somehow, however I’m not sure how to do it while wathcing a movie. Sometimes there’s no delay so I may need to watch 2-3 movies to find the problem.

For me (and it seems I’m the only one in the team) it’s not surprising that you experience lip sync issues, because 4k+ and the V share the same code. Because of the different hardware I suppose it’s less likely that a 4k/4k+ user gets them because it’s timing related.

We’ve got a lot of reports of sync issues for the V, but almost none of our 4k/4k+ users.

I’ve already some fixes in the queue and I’m currently testing and fine tuning them. I don’t want to release them too early. Currently, I’m struggling a bit with 2160p60 clips. So please be patient.

Right now there’s no need for logs.

Thank you! Then I’m waiting for further announcements.