Audio only and black screen when playing movies

Hello all,
I have recently upgraded to Raspberry Pi 3 and updated to the latest April-2 update. I cannot remember if I played videos on the device since the upgrade so I can’t tell if the culprit is the latest update. I’ve uploaded the kodi.log to I can clearly see errors to do with rendering but they don’t make much sense to me.

18:09:50 2132.870850 T:1154925552 ERROR: CMMALRenderer::init_vout Failed to create vout component (status=1 ENOMEM)
18:09:50 2132.871094 T:1154925552 ERROR: OutputPicture - failed to configure renderer

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

18:03:03 1725.499512 T:1957008304 NOTICE: ARM mem: 944MB GPU mem: 64MB MPG2:1 WVC1:0screen

You have set your GPU mem too low. This should be at least 256 on any Pi with 1GB RAM.

You are a star. I had reset the settings to default after swapping the RPi 2 for the RPi 3.

All fixed now :slight_smile: