Audio-only streams pause, video streams do not

I am suspecting a WiFi dongle that I installed on the Pi, but I plan on testing this with a physical connection tomorrow. In the mean time, I am just curious if there is any reason that an audio-only stream (i.e. when playing MP3s) would pause for up to a second and then resume where it left off, yet there are no pauses whatsoever when watching a video stream? I would think that processing and data rates would be more taxing on a video stream than an audio stream…

paplayer - the audio player in Kodi does not do any buffering. So if you get a one second pause in the network traffic flow across your network (quite likely on a wifi connection) then the audio will pause. Video playback uses dvdplayer which does some buffering.

If you search for paplayer you should find a thread where a suggested workaround is to enable buffermode 1 in Kodi’s advancedsettings.xml

You know… last night I was thinking it might be a buffering problem. I though maybe the audio buffer wasn’t large enough. I will search that tonight and try that. Thank you!

That seems to have worked perfectly. Thank you!

Glad to hear it worked.

I recently just enabled the same setting on Kodi on my Mac Mini - I found that with a DVD inserted into the drive (but not being played) that something keeps “checking” the disk every minute or two causing it to spin up, the spin up delay was preventing reading from the hard drive momentarily and this was causing enough delay in data transfer to cause a brief pause in video playback of a file on the hard drive every time this happened.

Enabling buffermode 1 with a 50MB buffer size solved the issue completely for me - now when the DVD spins up there is enough already read from the disk to avoid any pause in playback. It also solved a momentary pause in playback every minute or two whilst actually playing from the DVD…