Audio out of sync on WMC recording

Hello, I hope someone can help me out. My recordings are playing with a/v out of sync on my Vero 4k. Live playback of a channel is perfect but recordings are my only issue. I’ve tried playing the same recordings on my Macbook and Windows desktop and the recordings are playing just fine.

Here is a log.

Not sure if there is anything else i need to provide but please let me know.

Was it Prison Break?
Is the recording HD? If not, try change MPEG2 acceleration to HD and up.

Yes Prison Break I have the problem and also with Lucifer. But yes they are in HD. When I get home from work tonight, I’ll play with the acceleration options and see if I can fix it.

Hi @sam_nazarko, I tried playing with the codec options and I’m still getting the same problem. I have 2 Prison Break recordings, one from last week and one from yesterday. The recording last week plays perfectly fine on the Vero but the one from yesterday is where I’m getting the audio out of sync.

Is signal strength OK?
Can you check strength and try another HD channel, record it for 4-5 mins and play back?


Signal strength is just fine. I just tried a short recording and it played just fine. Hmm. Could be just that my Fox channel is screwy with recordings. I’ll try to record a few more things and see how it goes.

Let’s keep an eye on this.

I can’t believe Prison Break is still going… I thought Season 1 would be the only season. He can only get so many tattoos…

Sounds good.

Such a great show. They brought it back for a small season to resolve things. I thought so too but he managed to fit even more haha.