Audio output, how many channels are supported

I want to know how many channels the vero4k 3.5mm jack supports?
Can he handle 5.1 or only Stero?
And how many channels can the TOSLINK (SP/DIF) output handle?


AFAIK no 3.5mm jack supports more than 2 channels so only stereo. Unless you use technologies like Dolby Prologic.
SP/DIF supports AFAIK the supported formats: 2 channel uncompressed PCM and 5.1/7.1 compressed. Read somewhere on the forum that for DTS-HD etc only the core is sent via SP/DIF but would have to look.

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Yup. You can only expect to get core DTS or basic DD through S/PDIF. ie 5.1. Vero can also send DD+ but many receivers will refuse to accept it.

This will give you all the information in depth with explanations and suggested settings as well, if you might need them: Audio setup and information