Audio Passthrough not showing

Hi everyone, happy new 4K owner here. My setup allows for DTS:X and Atmos passthrough, but the Kodi Audio (expert) menu options literally don’t allow for any changes. The GUI says “audio passthrough” and there is nothing to click/toggle.

On other Kodi boxes I see passthrough options, just not here.

For what it’s worth, I get passthrough of TrueHD/Atmos just fine, but DTS seems to want to transcode.

You need to set Best Match.

What @grahamh says is that at

Settings -> System -> Audio -> Output Configuration

you most possible have set value fixed but it should be best match. Then you should see the passthrough options.

Thanks- that helped with the first part of my post. I now see all of the Passthrough options. I have them all checked, since the Vero 4K is plugged in via HDMI to my receiver, which can handle all of the audio codecs. The Vero seems to transcode DTS audio, which is not what I want.

Any ideas on why the Vero would transcode DTS, despite me having told it to passthrough?

Do you have ‘sync playback to display’ set in Settings->Player? That would disable passthrough.

No, I did not have that setting enabled. I figured it out- had nothing to do with the Vero box itself, my receiver was applying a setting on top of the bitstreamed audio. When I turned that setting off, everything worked as expected.

Thanks to such quick replies!!!

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