Audio Passthrough Not Working

I’m unable to get audio passthrough working on my new Vero V. I have tons of files in my library that play with perfect bitstream passthrough via plex on nvidia shield. On the Vero V it seems to be decoding even though I have audio passthrough enabled.

Anyone have any tips?

Change settings view to expert and check the other boxes your hardware supports. If there is still an issue then you would need to be more specific about which formats don’t work. Since your using Plex you might also need to look at your Plex dashboard during playback to see if Plex is forcing a transcode.

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OHHHH! Thank you that did it!! I did not notice the settings level setting.

(I meant I use Plex when streaming through my Shield. On my Vero V I have my server mounted via fstab nfs and just playing through the native (Kodi?) player.)

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