Audio passthrough stopped working. Soundbar showing PCM

Somehow my soundbar is suddenly stopped playing passthrough audio.

I get no sound, soundbar displays ‘PCM’. I think I didn’t change any settings. I did see some updates being applied. Not sure what’s happening.

Tried in both Emby as directly over NFS, problem is the same.

Logs here

Some other files play fine with DTS or Atmos

Please enable debug logs when playing a file.

Hi @sam_nazarko, debug logs here:

First I play Inside Out, plays fine but soundbar shows PCM and I have no sound.
Second I play Avatar, this stutters and has frame skipping. Also no sound.

Hi @DjPJ5O5NSvfkgHZ4xeB7,

can you retry your playback with having set the audio device to “AMLM8AUDIO, HDMI” at GUI->Settings->System->Audio?

I assume the Vero is connected via HDMI to the soundbar and from there another HDMI cable makes it to the TV.

Hi @JimKnopf same result, still no sound and soundbar showing PCM. Yes, my Vero 4k+ is connected directly to my soundbar.

Your log shows you playing Inside Out and Avatar.
For both videos, Vero is opening the audio sink in passthrough mode.

What is the make and model of the soundbar?


LG SK10Y which then connects to an LG C8.

I’ll throw some Dolby test files against it this weekend, they’ve all been working fine before on the Vero.

For Avatar the video is also stuttering/frameskipping.


Just regarding the sound:

Are you sure your soundbar is TrueHD and DTS HD capable? That what’s configured in Settings->System->Audio and both files you tried to play are DTS-HD MA.

The manual says

I’m just speaking about the sound, stuttering is a second issue I don’t know.

I heard through the grapevine that you are not the only one having problems playing back that CHD remux of avatar. Have you tried a different release ?

Or have you tried muxing it to MKV ? Its .ts as far as I know

@JimKnopf im afraid you are right, I thought it was only lacking DTS X

@k2u3 the release plays fine over dlna or plex on my c8. If it’s not related to OSMC we can ignore it.