Audio pops and clicks

Were the clicks there if that setting was set at its default of “best match”?

The clicks come back with Best Match, tried with two different video files. Fixed is the only Output Configuration which doesn’t have clicks.

Does Fixed resample in some cases, as the description here suggests? If so, how can I avoid resampling?

Honestly there is a bit of mystery to those options. From what I understand the answer is yes, it must resample if you have fixed selected whenever the source file does not match whatever the output is set at.

The only way I think you could avoid that is to purchase a new AVR or just turn off passthrough and let Kodi send the audio as LPCM. If you do the latter the only thing you should notice different is what displays on the screen of your AVR. The sound quality should be the same.

@klaaatu: Please, could generate a new log set with configuartion

  • settings->system->audio->number of channels is 7.1

  • settings->system->audio->output configuartion is best match

  • settings->player->video->adjust display refresh rate is start/stop

The last and only one you provided does not show a real channel number switch but contains only a 2 speakers configuration by the optimized setting.