Audio settings

Hi everyone,

Just trying to figure out the best audio settings for my 4k and 4k+.

In the livingroom i have my 4k connected via HDMI to my LG 55 OLED (8PLA). It supports Dolby Digital etc.

Also connected to that TV is my Denon AVR with a 5.1 speaker setup.

Unfortunatly some movies struggle with the voice channel with my current audio 5.1 setting. Now those would work when i go to:
setting > system > audio > number of channels = 2.0
But to do that it means other movies are now stereo on my surround system.

Allow passthrough on or off makes no difference.

Usually when the kids watch a movie: tv speakers
Parents watch a movie: tv or surround

I suppose you have gone through this already

Bottom line is you are doing it the hard way using ARC. The TV may only pass through 2 PCM channels to ARC or only Dolby Digital (AC-3) and I suspect will not transcode 5.1 PCM to AC-3.

The problem is mainly that my old setup was vero - > denon - > tv. But the denon does not support 4k and my new telly does…

Not even at 24Hz? Or do you mean doesn’t support HDR?

No, its a older model (AVR3312). Perfectly working hardware not in line for a upgrade.

If you enable AC3 transcoding then with two channels and passthrough enabled you should get AC3 soundtracks passing though untouched and all other formats converted to surround sound AC3.

With this setup you are leaving some room for improvement as your AVR allows for better. What some others have done in your situation is purchase a HDMI splitter so the output of the Vero goes to both the TV and the AVR. Connected this way the TV can still get 4K UHD but the AVR can now utilize eight channel PCM and HD audio formats.

Had you considered using something like an HDFury AVRKey, or an Egreat H10?

I have a DD enabled receiver but the problem shows up trhing to plan a DD+ audio file. I have DD+ option turned off but it doesnt change it. Converting the E-AC3 track to AC3 is quick with ffmpeg so for now this will be done manually.

Why would you turn off DD+ passthrough? That format passes through my LG TV via ARC to my Denon AVR without issue.

That is crazy. With the settings I outlined and E-AC3 passthrough disabled it will automatically convert the soundtrack to AC3 on the fly.

I would recommend checking your TV to make sure it has bitstream enabled on the input your using for the Vero and post fresh logs so we can see what you current audio settings are.

Am i understanding the settings wrong? It is asking if i have a DD+ capable receiver. My denon (surround sound) is not. Therefor i turned it off hoping it would downgrade that signal to AC3 on the fly.

Why would i tell my vero a higher level than my equipment?

The Denon AVR3312 according to Denon’s web site supports Dolby up to TrueHD (but that one wouldn’t pass through ARC) including DD+.

Even if so, i dont rhink my tv does. And since movies are played on either sound options i would prefer to work either way. I was hoping that telling kodi it was not able (whatever format) it would change downgrade it to something that was

It should with channels 2, AC3 passthrough and transcode set. You could also run your audio via toslink (optical) as well.

Enabled E-AC3 capable receiver fixes my issue here. Thank you all once again for the help.

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