Audio stops after a stream ends (Audio Passthrough)

So I have one TV hooked up to a Raspberry Pi 3 and using ARC to an audio controller. Because of this I have audio passthrough enabled on my OSMC instance.

This set has been working well for about 9 months but over the past few weeks I have been experiencing an issue that when a stream ends, say a movie ends or I stop a streaming channel to go select a new stream to watch, there is no audio on the new stream. Even the Kodi audio is not playing.

The workaround I found was go into Settings -> System -> Audio -> Number of Channels and change from the current setting to anything else and back. This seems to wake everything back up and the audio works.

I have not done much diagnostics on this to view logs when it occurs, see if the keep alive is causing a failure, check that PCM is still working, or if the pass through is failing for some reason. I’m coming here first to see if anyone else has experienced this problem and has suggestions, or even just ideas on where I should start looking for troubleshooting.