Audio Stops Playing, Then Vero 4K+ Crashes

I just purchased my Vero 4K+. I set up Kodi with my library of music, which is stored on an external HD. I only use Kodi for music – no video at all. When I play music, after several songs have played just fine (and sometimes after just browsing around in my library while a song plays), the next time I select a song or a playlist, the audio will not play. Instead, the OSD for that song appears briefly and then the menu reappears, but no audio. The system remains functional…for a while.

If it is a playlist, each song’s OSD appears briefly, flickering through all the songs on that playlist rapidly, then the menu reappears, but no audio. Once this starts happening, no audio will play again during that session. I have to reboot the device to get normal performance again, which will only last for a while before the same behavior starts up.

If I go into System Info after this starts, the CPU is spiking off and on, but eventually seems to settle down. However, as I wait it out, doing nothing, the memory just keeps getting higher and higher until it hits about 96%, then the unit locks up and I get the frowning face.

I’ve tried several different skins and this happens even with the default, so it doesn’t seem to be skin specific. I’ve also been reading the forums and the only thing I’ve seen that might pertain is the use of an external HD hooked directly to the Vero rather than a powered USB hub. But I wanted to ask before I order a hub. Does a power issue like this really spike CPU and max out the memory and stop the audio from playing like I’ve been experiencing? Or do you think it could be something else causing this?


If you’re using a hard drive, it should be externally powered. Either by way of powered hub or using the drive’s own power supply.

What kind of audio files are you playing? Some DSD music will be quite intense.


This is what happens when Kodi loses access to the files. It is very likely the drive is disconnecting. To test you could try playing some music from internal storage or a thumb drive with your existing drive unplugged and see if the problem still exists (I would guess not).

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The files are a mix of FLAC and MP3.

The drive is a USB-powered HD. No separate power supply.

Thanks, good idea. I’ll try putting a subset of my music library on internal storage and see how it goes.

Get a powered hub. That will probably fix your problem.

In this case I would very much recommend a powered hub. But it may not be the cause of your issue here.

Try local playback and if it still crashes we can get some logs.

As I mentioned, I suspected from reading the forum that that might be the issue, but wanted to ask before I spring for a powered hub, especially if I have to order it from the UK again.

Will do. Thanks.

While I would say support Sam by ordering the OSMC hub, you can just go to your local Walmart or Staples and pick up a powered USB hub. They are not that expensive.

I realize that, but I just finished reading another thread on here where the USB hub a guy was using apparently was “feeding back” into the Vero and may have damaged it. Don’t want to take a chance.

I think I remember the thread you are talking about, and if I remember correctly, he was having problems before trying the hub.

You should be safe picking up a hub locally. If it doesn’t work, Walmart and Staples will both take them back, so you would only be out a little travel time.

Are you really located in MD? If so, Hi close neighbor! I’m in VA.

Yes – but the problem could be damage caused to the device in the interim.

I suspect Walmart probably don’t sell dodgy USB hubs though, so should be OK.

What a horrible idea…

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