Audio sync issues via Live TV


Sorry if this has been posted about before, but I can’t find anything specific.

I’m running the latest version of osmc on a pi2 b.

When I try use Live TV via the MediaPortal client plugin, all Live TV starts off in sync, then the audio quickly looses sync, which progressively gets worse until It’s massively out of sync by a few seconds. At this point the video skips forward back into sync, then repeats.

This also occurs when watching back recorded TV, however watching a normal video from a NAS works fine.

I’m at a loss, I’ve tried a fresh install, changing audio to passthrough, tried both TSreader and ffmpeg on the MediaPortal plugin etc.

Has anyone else came across this, or have any other suggestions I can try?

Also to note, MediaPortal Live TV works fine on a PC over the network, the issue only appears on osmc.

Thanks in advance.

You have the mpeg2 codec installed?

No, I would have to buy the license key. Would that likely be the issue, since it technically plays video, just desynced?

If the steam is mpeg2 as most recorded TV streams are, it can only improve playback of such a stream. That could include the sync issue.

I have ordered a key and will report back.

In the mean time, if there’s any other suggestions, throw them at me.


EDIT: The key resolved the issue. Also confirmed with a second unit.