Audio track of video

Hello. Although set in OSMC system - video - play - preferred language audio option italian , when a game has twice the audio always English … It also checked the " favorite audio tracks ptedefinite " but nothing . I tried an alternative to the option italian language of the user interface but no part always in English … maybe I forgot to set something ? I do not understand where I’m wrong …I also tried to change the audio menu when the video is playing by checking the option "use these settings for all the video " but it does not work , I always start in English. Thanks. Bye

Do you have that problem with all movies?
If the title of the audiostream is not set correctly, kodi will use the first track by default as it cannot find out what language the others are.

yes with all video file with 2 audio track. But with openelec on the same file there isnt this problem…i tried to open the file with VLC and this open correctly Italian language that is the first language of audio track. It’s very strange because the first language is italian (1/2) and the english is second (2/2) but the stream play always in english (2/2). In setting i tried to set “original stream’s language”" but it only start with second (2/2) in english…please help me…

Excuse me. I have no solve the problem. Someone can help me?
Another example
Audio tracks of mkv
Unknown - Mux Ita Ac3 2.0 - Ac3 stereo (1/2)
Unknown - Eng Ac3 5.1 - AC3 5.1 (2/2)

Osmc play video with Eng audio track (2/2)
VLC play videi with Ita audio track (1/2)

In osmc setting player - language -
Prefered Language for audio: italian
I tried also with interface Language but the problem persiste.


Try setting Italian as the default audio track in the mkv. You can use a program like mkvtoolnix in order to do that.