Audio with Rii i28 remote

I just bought the Rii i28 remote keyboard, which has a remote audio feature.
I can’t make this feature work. When I go in the audio output settings, the remote is recognized as an ALSI Analogue and ALSI S/PDIF output, but selecting either will not work.
I tried installing Pulseaudio but this won’t work either.
Do you guys have any ideas? I have the latest OSMC build installed.
Thank you very much!


You must press Fn+Esc to switch audio capabilities on. Then choose output settings.

Thank you for your reply. That’s not the issue.
Do you have one? Have you been able to make one work on OSMC?
I should add that the remote audio feature works like a charm on my laptop.

Has FN shortcuts…

FN+W enable/disable audio out