August DVB-T208 TvHeadend setup

So I just found a USB DVB stick and thought I’d give it a go on the Raspberry Pi2 with TvHeadEnd and see if it worked… long story short it’s not showing up in the TV Adapters list.

I’ve had a hunt around online, and I’ve seen a couple of people say that it’s appeared first time in the list of adapters, and others saying that you need compile the drivers provided by august for the pi.

This is my first real mess around with the Pi and would really love to know if anyone has this working or if they have any pointers on how i should proceed

just an update for anyone wanting to use this.
using it with OSMC seemed reallt flacky, generally it never picked it up on the odd occasion it did, but soon after it would drop and be unusable again, i was thinking that perhaps the stick itself was broke, but it work 100% of the time on my PC when testing, so finally ended up installing openelec on my pi and it worked straight away.

so, i’ve got my old pi with the august usb stick in with tvheadend running without issue and have osmc installed on my new pi2 which is configured to use the old pi as the tcheadend source, works like a charm now

I’m sticking with OSMC because I’ve bought a Vero2.
I’ve installed and enabled TVHeadend but keep getting a constant “TVheadend HTSP Client - connection lost” alert every few seconds.

I’ve also bought an August DVB-T208 which I hoped would have worked, but I’ve had no success. Is there an easier way to get it up and running?

Any suggestions @sam_nazarko ?

Might need to see a log to advise. Did you configure the TVHeadend Client properly? When you say you installed TVHeadend, did you grab it from the App Store?

Can you post output of dmesg when attaching this dongle?

I installed TVheadend via the OSMC app store, I haven’t done anything else beyond that (can’t see and don’t know how or where to configure in any case).

Here’s the output from dmesg

And here are the logs as requested:

I think you need to log in via the web interface and set it up.


Basically you have two separate applications you need to configure respectively:

  1. The TVHeadend Server that you installed from the APP Store (or that you installed somewhere in your Network). You can check Section 6 of this thread [Obsolete] Instructions for Viewing Live TV
  2. The TVHeadend (Client) PVR Addon in Kodi. This would need to be configured with the IP Address, Port, User and Password of your TVHeadend Server.
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