Auro 3d

can the vero 4 k play films in auro 3 D? and if so, with what setting. I have various films in the Auro 3D sound format but the player only gives me the sound in DTS HD. But my amplifier can play auro 3D. I. I am grateful for any help . Greetings holymann

Did you configure your audio settings to expert and then enable passthrough? More info can be found in the following guide. If just enabling that doesn’t work also try setting your audio output configuration to fixed and passthrough off with channels set to 7.1. I’ve never tried it myself as my AVR lacks support.

My Denon AVR simply switches to Auro-3D as soon as a suitable signal is sent to it via passthrough. Auro can either be based on PCM, but it’s mostly based on DTS-HD MA. There’s no signaling for it IIRC, but the AVR has to detect it within the stream and then switch to the appropriate mode. As those streams can be played as the base stream (e.g. just as DTS-HD MA) or as the embedded Auro track, maybe a manual “mode override” has to be disabled on the AVR side…

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