AUSSIEADDONS Causes OSMC to sad face

Apart from this OSMC is working great.

Aussieaddons accesses catchup TV for various Australian FTA channels. One, 9NOW appears to work OK, but it doesn’t. Choose it, choose a genre, then a particular TV show, season etc, fine. Actually clicking on any TV show causes OSMC to crash every time.

I actually could live without it but my wife enjoys some of the shows. :frowning_face:

Any ideas?

1st choice should always be to check with the addon developer. Issues are always more likely to be there than with osmc.

Download Kodi for PC and check if the addon works there.

You’ll want to explore the Matt Huisman (Slyguy repo) repositories for versions of 7,9 and 10 that actually work - the aussieaddons ones for those have been mostly broken for some time.

So you get ABC/SBS from aussieaddons, the rest from MH. And the IPTVAU one from there is great for live streams. Basically, all the Matt Huisman stuff is great and is kept working.


A bit of a late reply but I just installed SlyGuy and all is well. Thanks for that.

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