Auto mount and SMB share USB HDD in raspbian

I would like to be able to have a RPi with raspbian automatically mount and create an SMB share for any USB HDD that is plugged in. I don’t want to mess around with fstab and smb.conf. I just want to plug it in to the raspberry and have it show up on a windows computer as \RPi\Volume_label and be accessible using the main RPi user/password (default pi/raspberry)

I like the way that OSMC works. It seems to do exactly what I want, but I would like to be able to do it on plain raspbian.

Is there a package or set of instructions I could use to replicate this functionality in raspbian, or is what OSMC does too deeply entwined to be easily copied?

Sorry – you’d need to ask on the Pi forums.
OSMC is a complete OS and our automounting system and file sharing won’t be trivial to port over to Raspbian without breaking system functionality.

Could you attach the drive to the OSMC machine and just access it from the Raspbian machine?

Thats what I was afraid of. :frowning:

I’ve looked around Pi forums for a solution that works as well as OSMC does, but my google-fu fails me. A big reason for not wanting to use OSMC for ad hoc file copying is the ethernet speed since RPi4 is not ready yet. I was just hoping that there would be a discrete set of code that could be copied since I like what OSMC does. I’ll just have to deal with standard raspbian tools instead.