Auto mount my external hdds from my raspberrypi to my linux desktop

first time asking a question here so pleas be nice!

i am trying to automount my hdds that i have connected to my rpi3 with fstab to get my network more self-going. so i dont have to convert files and then transfear it to the pi, and i am playing around with jellyfin on my server and whant to connect my drives from my pi to it.
i have succesfully mounted the home of osmc but cant do it with the external drives,
what is is even the name of the share?

would be very greatfull for some help!

The name of the share should just be the label of the drive.

I think mine are:


I think this is how it works but I’d have to check from home to be 100% sure.

now it works to mount the drives,
but the folder keeps getting root only permissions and i dont know why,
before the mounting the folder does not have root only but after mounting the disk it changing the permsissions?
the osmc home doesn´t do this

The owner of the mount always becomes root (as root is mounting the disk) but the permission and actually your capability to change them depend on the filesystem you used on the disk.

sorry for late answar but someting happend in my personal life. but it was a configureating issue with fstab so now the disks are being mounted so normal users can make use of them without root permissions.
so now my Jellyfin server can stream my movies from my osmc!