Auto reboot when "download and install" option is set

I have “download and install” option set but I still have the dialog asking if I want to reboot now or later.
I set to auto update at midnight so when there’s an update I see this dialog when I switch to OSMC source in TV

Is it possible to have an option to auto reboot when auto updating?

There were discussions on this just the other day. I don’t think this is a good idea.


Not even as an option (default off) ?
It would only “appear” to user if “download and install” is set and not random update time set.

Yes, it’s so simple to those who don’t have to write and maintain the code for such a function.

Otherwise, since you don’t seem to be able to be bothered to find the previously mentioned thread including several other reasons why not, Still not getting automatic update install

It is possible to configure automatic updates via ‘cron’ if you really want, but from our standpoint, it could upset a lot of users.

Perhaps when our update system is more streamlined (we are discussing removing the inconsistency of some updates via Kodi and some via the ‘manual-update’), we can revisit this