Auto scanned videos keep coming back into my library

This files all scan in named as “Video Girl”, but they are basically 0 length and I have nothing named that In my library.

The problem is that I cannot tell the actual physical file name or I could search for and permanently delete them. How can I find the actual file path?

Debug enabled logs may help find what causing the incorrect scan. My guess would be poorly named TV shows not following the recommended conventions. If you don’t have the TV shows separated into properly named directories, you can get very strange results when scraping your library.

This is probably skin dependant, but in at least Estuary and the OSMC skin you can find the file path by highlighting the entry, bringing up the “information” screen, and then by moving the active selection to the “refresh” option it will show the file path.

Also make sure that you don’t have a movie source set inside the file path of a TV show source, or vise versa.

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Since you marked this thread as solved does this mean you figured out what the issue was? If so it would be good to post what happened for others to learn from.

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IT was you tip above about finding the filepath from the Information page -> Refresh tab. These files are from the VIDEO_TS.VOB files from some of my move concerts. These files appear to be unnecessary so I deleted them, leaving just the content files (VTS_01_0.VOB, VTS_02_0.VOB, etc.)

That seems to work file and the videos are still playable. I am confused about WHY these VIDEO_TS.VOB files are getting picked up as separate movies. They are really just part of the main movie. But it doesn’t matter now!

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I take it the scraper settings for that source does not have the “movies are in separate folders that match movie title” enabled? With that enabled the scraper would look at the folder name and assume everything inside is a single movie, and without any playable file would try to be scrapped as a separate movie. At least that is how I understand it to work.