Auto start and dismiss kodi.bin

hello everyone, is there an option or config that i can use, when i don’t use the vero4K+ during the day or when i am at my appartement on the sea for the weekend or on holiday etc, an option to auto stop kodi (mediacenter) but keep the vero4K+ on for my homebridge server that’s running on it.
The kodi.bin is using the most cpu when in idle so if it can autostop when turned off and autostart when im actually using the vero for media consumption it would be great, to put of some stress on the device and unnecessary power usage.
Or should this always been done through ssh?
thanks Tom

Before going to sea:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
sudo systemctl disable mediacenter

When returning home:

sudo systemctl enable mediacenter
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Baring any spelling mistakes, this stops mediacenter and doesn’t restart it on a reboot. Hope that answers your request.

Edit: found 2 spelling mistakes, there is probably more :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

tx alot, !!!

Sorry for the spelling mistakes, english is not my native language :sweat_smile:

You would need something to be running all the time listening for the cue to turn Kodi (mediacenter) on. That cue might come from the remote. Quite how you could enable just that functionality I’ve no idea.

A simple answer could be to just stop mediacenter without disabling it (some programming required unless you do that by ssh) then restart it by re-booting the device when you return home.

Having said that, doesn’t Suspend achieve what you want?

I was talking about my poor spelling, English isn’t native to me either.

Anyway, the reason i went “disable/enable” is so that kodi wont start if the vero is rebooted while not at home.

i don’t see any difference in shutdown setting or suspend setting when i look at the top command in ssh. The cpu usage is the same. I don’t even really see the difference between these two? what’s the main difference then between shutdown or suspend?

You’re right. CPU usage doesn’t change, but AIUI power usage drops because the CPU clock is slowed and HDMI is turned off.