Auto start slideshow on boot

I have a Raspberry Pi model B running Alpha 4 of OSMC. I would like to automatically have a slideshow start when I start the Pi. I imagine using a playlist to store the images I want to display and somehow script OSMC to start playing the playlist when it starts. This playlist would also be required to repeat.

How can I do this? I have some experience with linux but am by no means a pro. Any help here is much appreciated.

Have found a good solution to my own questions.

  1. I added a file location (windows network share) to my picture library, containing the images I want displayed in the slideshow.

  2. Install the Multi-Slideshow Screensaver plugin, and configure the source folder path as the file path created in step 1 as the source

  3. Configured Multi-Slideshow Screensaver plugin as required for display mode, effects and speed of image change.

Screensaver now starts the slideshow 1 minute after the Raspberry Pi boots and keeps rotating images repeatedly.

Good thing about this set-up is that it is able to reload the image list when photo’s are added or removed from the source folder just by stopping the slideshow and letting it restart. Other plugins I tried would not update the image list, so that even if all images were replaced with new ones, the old images, or a black screen would be displayed.

I’m very happy. Simple and effective solution.