AutoFS or FSTab GUI in the App Store

Hi guys.

For us who are not so keen on using the command line, maybe there can be a simple gui or app that can append fstab or AutoFS entries? Since from what I read, it’s the better way to add a network location for OSMC.

And a way to delete 1 line at a time? And then maybe just restrict the user from accidentally removing the entry mounting the main file system.


command line is wonderful as long as Sam and Co are telling you exactly what to type and you can just copy/paste press enter and feel like a command line wizard :monkey:


I don’t know how we would be able to make this configurable via the GUI.

If we can navigate to NFS and SMB locations to add video sources via the GUI, I don’t see why we couldn’t navigate to those same NFS or SMB locations to add them to fstab.

I thought about shimming out mounts to fstab; but this will cause problems with the VFS layer.
As long as users are happy to rescan their libraries, then it’s possible; but this would affect all users.

If the fstab / autofs mount didn’t work, there’d be no feedback as to why with Kodi, it would just not work. This is also a limiting factor at this time.

How about an app in the osmc store that has the same interface as Kodi for locating samba shares?

The problem is that Kodi won’t be aware of the ‘app’, so it doesn’t resolve the previously mentioned problems.

It would be better to hijack Kodi’s mounting system if this is to be done.


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