Automatic Backup schedule

I would like to setup a weekly schedule to backup everything on a usb stick, osmc has a great backup utility build in but it seems to be manual, any way to automate it so it runs on a schedule?

One of the great things about the osmc backup is the ability to keep the most recent backups that way i would never run out of space, if osmc cannot complete this can it be done with another addon?

You can elect to have a backup occur before each update check.

i have disabled the updates so and prefer to do it manually after reading the forum.

Just have the backup occur before the update check, then disable the notifications of the update being available.

Thanks will look into it, i don’t want the kids to update it by mistake like they have in the past.

Maybe a cron schedule could be added to truly automate the backups?

It is hard to update without the notification.

Anything like a cron addition would require you to update.

Updating is fine and i usually do so after a week or two, i just don’t want the pop notification. That way i can manually update when i have time and have read the new release doesn’t have issues.

Just two days ago i setup a Pi with an older image because i have yet to transition to Jarvis do to my theme and MySQL. The pop up for the feb update came up and a family member thinking nothing of it upgraded which caused me a ton of issues.

I see in my osmc you can see it to show just the icon on the home screen which should be enough since nothing is downloaded.