Automatically found external source

Hi, I’ve been trying to run OSMC with my smartphone, put an USB card on it and play MP3 files from the card without connecting any screen or TV to the raspberry. So, basically I can play some music with Yatse on my phone (remote application) but I need to plug a screen if I want to change the external source (to an HDD or other USB card for example). And I really would like to know if there is an option to automatically search MP3 files on a new external source ( without using a screen or TV ).

Thank you guys for reading me and if I can make it work that would be amazing !


There is none. OSMC and, more specifically Kodi, were never designed to be operated or configured headlessly.

Ok, do you know if there is a way to play MP3 files on an USB card or HDD through a WI-FI connection with a smartphone ?

Add the location as a music source as you would on any Kodi install?