Automating Kodi

First I’d like to say that I think OSMC is really cool from an end user experience. It looks real nice and most of what I want is already set up and done well before I even want it. I tried setting up kodi on Arch Linux Arm and I gave up cos I had to do too many things manually and I just got bored (lirc remotes, zeroconf, changing skin, installing addons, adding the media …) How do you do all of these things programatically. Is it configs, addons, scripts?

I thought I would end up using the answers to this question to ‘port’ osmc to other distros but to be honest I think OSMC is already good enough anyway so at this point it’s just curiosity.


OSMC is a distro, so you will struggle to port it over. We take care of packaging, updates, etc. It is based on Debian Jessie.

If you are interested in getting involved in the development process please let me know.

I get that. I’m just interested in the Kodi specifics. How do you get the remote working and change the theme? If I understand correctly you distribute binary images that I then dd onto the sd card. So do you just change the theme manually and then share the image file?

I’m not interested in contributing to development as such, just curious if automating kodi is at all possible

Thank you

You can see our sources in GitHub.

The skin is distributed with our image
Remote support is largely enabled with eventlircd, LIRC and uinput.