Autostart At Start-Up?


Hi All,

I have created a short script to start my VPN.
I have made this executable by issuing the: chmod +x

Now, I want this to autostart when I power up the Pi.
The Pi has OSMC/Kodi installed.

How would I best achieve this?



You could add it as a cronjob:

But if you are using openvpn, this already has a systemd startup script. I can provide more details if it is openvpn.

Thanks Tom.


Hey Tom,

Thanks mate, much appreciated.
I use ExpressVPN which I believe OpenVPN is a spin-off of.




Just found your other topic, did you use the Brian Hornsby kodi addon in the end?

It may be easier to post the contents of

Thanks Tom.


OK Tom,

It is as straight forward as:

expressvpn connect




Looks like you are using expressvpn’s own app. Probably best to set up a cronjob.

Thanks Tom.