AV1 support in next Vero XK device

Based on these news, will there be taken steps to support this new format? It looks very promising :slight_smile:

AV1 Tech Sheet

This has been asked before. In short: we’re keeping an eye on it, but there needs to be movement on its adoption first.


Any chance of an updated Vero that has support for AV1? AV1 is getting serious traction.

This is interesting Best Video Codec: An Evaluation of AV1, AVC, HEVC and VP9

It’s something that we continue to assess, but we don’t have any news at this time.

This would be a good feature. I have some videos from YouTube in AV1 and it would be great to be able to play them with Vero 4K+ which seems to handle anything else well. Is the support for existing devices via software decoding even a possibility?

Software decoding, even using dav1d is very computationally expensive.
720p would probably be a go, but higher resolutions won’t be possible on current hardware.

In my opinion it is useless to add the av1 codec to OSMC without proper hardware acceleration. It would be only a waste of time!


Youtube is starting to use AV1 (av01). Additionally YouTube DL grabs these by default as they’re identified as the best quality option, so I’ve got some videos I can’t play on my Vero without redownloading with some additional args to grab different quality

$ youtube-dl --list-formats 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIgznB0-ICo'
[youtube] SIgznB0-ICo: Downloading webpage
[info] Available formats for SIgznB0-ICo:
format code  extension  resolution note
249          webm       audio only tiny   50k , webm_dash container, opus @ 50k (48000Hz), 5.03MiB
250          webm       audio only tiny   63k , webm_dash container, opus @ 63k (48000Hz), 6.36MiB
251          webm       audio only tiny  118k , webm_dash container, opus @118k (48000Hz), 11.77MiB
140          m4a        audio only tiny  129k , m4a_dash container, mp4a.40.2@129k (44100Hz), 12.87MiB
394          mp4        256x144    144p   62k , mp4_dash container, av01.0.00M.08@  62k, 24fps, video only, 6.26MiB
160          mp4        256x144    144p   80k , mp4_dash container, avc1.4d400c@  80k, 24fps, video only, 8.03MiB
278          webm       256x144    144p   81k , webm_dash container, vp9@  81k, 24fps, video only, 8.08MiB
395          mp4        426x240    240p  112k , mp4_dash container, av01.0.00M.08@ 112k, 24fps, video only, 11.19MiB
242          webm       426x240    240p  147k , webm_dash container, vp9@ 147k, 24fps, video only, 14.63MiB
133          mp4        426x240    240p  184k , mp4_dash container, avc1.4d4015@ 184k, 24fps, video only, 18.34MiB
396          mp4        640x360    360p  226k , mp4_dash container, av01.0.01M.08@ 226k, 24fps, video only, 22.57MiB
243          webm       640x360    360p  272k , webm_dash container, vp9@ 272k, 24fps, video only, 27.14MiB
134          mp4        640x360    360p  382k , mp4_dash container, avc1.4d401e@ 382k, 24fps, video only, 38.06MiB
397          mp4        854x480    480p  405k , mp4_dash container, av01.0.04M.08@ 405k, 24fps, video only, 40.30MiB
244          webm       854x480    480p  479k , webm_dash container, vp9@ 479k, 24fps, video only, 47.63MiB
135          mp4        854x480    480p  837k , mp4_dash container, avc1.4d401e@ 837k, 24fps, video only, 83.25MiB
398          mp4        1280x720   720p  765k , mp4_dash container, av01.0.05M.08@ 765k, 24fps, video only, 76.08MiB
247          webm       1280x720   720p  929k , webm_dash container, vp9@ 929k, 24fps, video only, 92.41MiB
136          mp4        1280x720   720p 1671k , mp4_dash container, avc1.64001f@1671k, 24fps, video only, 166.22MiB
399          mp4        1920x1080  1080p 1398k , mp4_dash container, av01.0.08M.08@1398k, 24fps, video only, 139.04MiB
248          webm       1920x1080  1080p 1614k , webm_dash container, vp9@1614k, 24fps, video only, 160.50MiB
137          mp4        1920x1080  1080p 3282k , mp4_dash container, avc1.640028@3282k, 24fps, video only, 326.36MiB
400          mp4        2560x1440  1440p 4687k , mp4_dash container, av01.0.12M.08@4687k, 24fps, video only, 466.12MiB
271          webm       2560x1440  1440p 5434k , webm_dash container, vp9@5434k, 24fps, video only, 540.35MiB
401          mp4        3840x2160  2160p 9371k , mp4_dash container, av01.0.12M.08@9371k, 24fps, video only, 931.85MiB
313          webm       3840x2160  2160p 9780k , webm_dash container, vp9@9780k, 24fps, video only, 972.49MiB
18           mp4        640x360    360p  535k , avc1.42001E, 24fps, mp4a.40.2 (44100Hz), 53.25MiB
22           mp4        1280x720   720p 1800k , avc1.64001F, 24fps, mp4a.40.2 (44100Hz) (best)

Well what is listed as (best) in your example below is actually the 720p avc1 version and not the 2160p av01 version :wink:

And also if you just execute youtube-dl on the id without parameters you get the 2160p vp9 version not the av01 one.

Ah I get AV1 versions by default because I’m using youtube-dlc:

$ youtube-dlc 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIgznB0-ICo' --get-format
401 - 3840x2160 (2160p)+251 - audio only (tiny)
$ youtube-dl 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIgznB0-ICo' --get-format
313 - 3840x2160 (2160p)+140 - audio only (tiny)

For others who might run into this in the future. I was able to fix to ignore av01 format with a format string:

$ youtube-dlc 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIgznB0-ICo' --get-format -f 'bestvideo[vcodec!^=av01]+bestaudio/best'
313 - 3840x2160 (2160p)+251 - audio only (tiny)