AV1 support?

Just out of curiosity and for the sake of future proofing of our beloved Vero 4k:

Will the Vero 4k be able to decode AV1 content or would it have to have a different hardware decoder for this?
The format seems to gain momentum atm especially for streaming content even with players like Apple on board since recently. So, I guess, we’ll see content/files encoded with the AV1 codec in the (not too?) distant future… Are there any information the devs can give us about this?



Thanks… Can be closed again :joy:

I find that some 1080p youtube rips are now being encoded in AV1, I guess we’ll need to try to brute force playback using software for now?

(Or you can do the smart thing and use VP9 instead to take advantage of HW acceleration)

Do you have some links to some (legal) YouTube streams in AV1 so I can check those bitstreams?

I think JDownloader 2 shows one of the 1080p streams as AV1, when you put this link into JDownloader.

Cheers, I’ll have to grab JDownloader

I can confirm that the Vero 4K+ will play audio only on an MP4 file encoded with AV1.

Apple TV 4K will play the full video, smoothly too, using brute force software decoding.

Unfortunately the link you sent only got me H264.
I’ll keep digging.

I’d be surprised if YouTube / Google abandon VP9 any time soon though.

when you add the link to jdownloader, you have to adjust the format of the video file before downloading. One of the three 1080p choices is AV1, it will be reflected in the file name.

It actually says AV1: