Avatar Blu-ray macro-blocking

I watched my ripped copy of Avengers 3D BD ISO last night and experienced frequent distracting errors which I presume were the macro-blocking issue.

The last post I have found about this a few years old which indicates that the cause of the issue had been identified by AMLogic.

Next on my list to watch is Gravity which is also mentioned as having this issue.

Has this not been fixed in the Vero 4K+ software yet?

This could easily be down to the rip, what does it look like playing on another device. Can we also see mediainfo of this file.

The info you found is still up to date, unfortunately, and it will most likely stay that way… It seems to be an issue in the MVC decoder firmware that we cannot fix ourselves and that AML isn’t inclined to look into as 3D is dead to most manufacturers. It’s something regarding 3D that we have to live with, but it’s fortunately only showing with a select few titles.

As @Chillbo says, this has not been fixed, and (as far as one can tell) isn’t ever going to be. On the plus side, there are only a very small number of 3D films affected - others play okay.

If you’re feeling energetic enough, it may be possible to re-encode problematic movies in such a way as to work around the issue. I haven’t attempted this myself, but this guy claimed to have made it work:

Wow, thanks - I’ll have a crack at the re-encode.

Yes, I’m well aware that I’ve adopted another dead format. I started collecting CDs again a couple of years ago as well!

It’s a bloody shame, 3D looks amazing on a home projector setup.

I’ve purchased around 40 discs second hand in the last month after finally getting 3D glasses for my projector and being blown away.
These along with the one disc I purchased years ago to try out on my then new 50" plasma 3D TV which failed to impress.

There are still 3D movies being released into Cinema such as Avatar 2, but who knows if these will ever be released on a home format.

There are still one or two new 3D blu rays coming out, but you’ve got to shop around for them. “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” was released on 3D blu ray, for example, but only in Japan.