Avira and OSMC Installer

I tried the hard overclock setting for my Rpi1 and something went wrong.
I corrupted the main disk in the process and now I have to reinstall from scratch.
No worries, I have done it for experimenting so many times that, though a bit inconvenient, I do not want to complain about this glitch. I am fully responsible for this little pain.

What surprised me though is that Avira marked the installer as malaware. I have already sent the file to them as potential false positive and I am waiting for their answer.
Nevertheless, I like to share this with you, in case it may be useful to anyone.



It’s a false positive. 2/63 scanners see our website as a potential threat. This is likely because we use mirrors with IP addresses and no hostname:

But the executable itself does not get picked up any AVs: VirusTotal


Actually, the Heuristic Avira algorithm also marks the installer as suspicious. Not that I believe this.
The main reason of my message is to highlight that this can happen, in case other people get the same alert.
Right for this, I sent them the file as false positive, so that they can change their verdict and let us relax!

In any case, very nice site that of virustotal. I take a note! :smiley:

And in fact the response from Avira is that the file is clean. False positive.
I hope they will update their database, if this can solve the problem.


Unfortunately we have to rebuild the installers periodically, so the hash changes, and it becomes a suspicious file again, but thanks for reporting to this them, it may help some other users.