AVR 4K Audio

Dear Community,

I have a special situation and need some technical advise if this setup is going to work if I use a new 4K TV.

Current Setup

Vero 4k --> AVR ( RX-V475) --> TV(only Full HD)

New Setup

Vero 4k --> TV(4K) --> Audio Return Channel (ARC) to AVR

Reason: The AVR is not able to passthrough 4K HDR content. To be able to use the full potential of the VERO and the TV I need to feed the content directly to the TV via HDMI. To still use the AVR as Audio device it needs to be feed via ARC from the TV back.

Will this setup work? In the web I do find references about the setup in general but they only state sources like TV or apps and not from HDMI1 into TV and ARC back.


If you search this forum you will see in general it works but your TV will limit what audio passthru will be done

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As stated above. ARC doesn’t have the capability to transfer HD audio so you’re likely stuck with DTS or DD5.1

The Vero has Optical SPDIF output as well as async USB audio out. You may be able to connect the Vero directly to your AVR for audio that way. There may be limitations to what you can passthrough though.
You could also use a HDMI splitter to separate audio from the video before sending it to the AVR/TV.

That would be same limitations, no HD Audio

This is one of those situations where you probably need to buy yourself either an HDFury AVRKey or an Egreat H10. They are devices designed to split the audio and video components of an HDMI signal so you can send video to the TV and audio to an old AV receiver.

Hi Community,

i will buy a soundbar to handle 4K + HD Audio Passthrough and sell the old AVR.
Thanks for clarification of the matter.


I suppose, it depends on what you have connected to your Yamaha AVR. If you have a complete 5.1 speaker set, then I think your soundbar solution will be a step back. I also made the transition to 4K recently and simply replaced my old Yamaha RX-V473 with a new Denon AVR for about 350EUR. Result: Better sound than ever and full 4K HDR passthrough.

I also went for a splitter (Marmitek split 612 UHD) to keep that RX 673 receiver a bit longer. Maybe I’ll upgrade when HDMI 2.1 will be available in mid-range receivers in a year or two.

My system was a 5.1 with Jamo boxes(12 year old) but suffered from not been able to provide new dolby atmos sound. to get Dolby Atmos i needed to upgrade the AVR + new set of boxes.

In total this meant a huge invest. I now run a 7.1 soundbar with rears and sub. I simply wanted to have a balanced invest / benefit of new HD sound / display of boxes in the living room.

It is not ideal and will hurt any real enthusiast but i am totally happy with the sound I get from the soundbar + rears.