Is there any way AT ALL that I can get the AWXi web interface addon back under the latest Kodi? I can deal with the Chorus interface for the most part but it refuses to search my database in a timely manner, instead always reporting that it lost connection to OSMC. Eventually it will search, but it takes forever. This also happens with HTPC Manager. The fact that it want to search EVERYTHING instead of just music, or just artists or just sing titles seems to be what slows it down. I never had this problem with AWXi.

Thanks again…

As AWXi is available for Jarvis I am not sure what your problem is?
Did you update the Kodi repository and reinstalled AWXi?

Here lately, I have updated Kodi every time it has asked. I lost AWXi when I did a full reinstall the last time. Now, when I go into the System > Add-Ons > Install From Repository > All Repositories > Web Interface, the only two options available are Arch and Chorus, both of which I have enabled.

You said “update the Kodi repository…” Is that something that I need to do in addition to updating the system? How/Where do I update the repository?

When you are on “Kodi Add-on repository” click ‘c’ and choose ‘Check for updates’

OK… I will try that later. I let up update itself and it started throwing up EXT4-fs errors, so now I’ve got to go fix/troubleshoot/reinstall that… sigh… thanks.

If you are getting EXT4 errors, check your power supply! That’s the most common cause. Also, make sure that when shutting down OSMC that you do it gracefully; don’t just pull power unless you absolutely have to.

Your SD card could be failing, so check that out.

But at this point, a reinstall is probably the best way to fix things. If you have filesystem corruption you will have a hard time finding all the corrupted files, so you will save yourself time to just bite the bullet and reinstall. :smiley_cat:

lol… “power supply”… yeah, I know. That is always the first thing everyone here tells me to check. I don’t get as many checkup as that freaking power supply. Now the card, MAY be failing. And I don’t shut OSMC down “incorrectly” unless there is a power outage or the system locks up - both out of my control.

I pulled the plug on the system (yeah, I know… don’t do that) and when it came back up it came back up ok, so I am doing a backup and I will go from there. As soon as that is done, I will update the repository and get back to y’all on that.

Sorry I tried to help.

But one last comment, if you have EXT4 errors, backup and reinstall. End of discussion. Updating the repo will not fix the corruption on your filesystem.

I didn’t mean to dismiss you. I appreciate the help. And I understand that updating the repository will not fix filesystem corruption. I just meant that I was going to play with this install before reinstalling any thing.

That did the trick. Thank you. I didn’t know that that had to be updated as well…

And the new AWXi allows you to modify the Kodi settings right from the web page! That is awesome :smiley: