B+ and Pi2 Video Tearing


I am a very long time user of RaspBMC and OSMC from its inception. I have a problem with serious video tearing on both B+ and Pi2 models and all variants of OSMC.

The video sources that are affected are avi containers with SD 480p Mpeg4 Video and MP3 audio.

I have tried various settings and combinations on playback to no avail. I just wondered if anyone else has issues with SD vodeos. Playback is on various devices 1080p/1080i TV’s.

Issue does not occur on Linux Kodi playback with the same sources.

Any help appreciated.


You’re going to need to describe “tearing” a bit better or capture a picture of it - to me tearing is what you’d see in a FPS game with vsync off when you pan quickly to the left or right, but I can’t see that as being likely when playing video.

You definitely do have vsync turned on, right ?

Is it all SD videos or only some ? Are any HD videos affected ?

Can you provide a Kodi debug log captured when playing the file with tearing, a mediainfo report for the file(s) or a small short sample download that exhibits the issue ?

I don’t have many SD files any more but I have not noticed tearing on any versions of OSMC.

Can you record this happening - e.g. upload a phone recording to youtube?
Never heard any report of tearing before (although it is possible you mean something different than my definition of tearing).

OP may be seeing interlaced content with de-interlacing disable? Are you sure that the SD content is progressive and not interlaced?

Can you:

  • Upload a video of this as @popcornmix requests
  • Upload MediaInfo output of the files
  • Upload a Kodi debug log after playing the file


Hi thank you for the replies. Not sure exactly what changed between RC2 & the latest code but after upgrade I no longer have this issue.

I expected the advice would be to upgrade to latest version as a starting point and was expecting to take logs etc. after upgrade to help diagnosis but after checking the video playback all was well!

Can’t recreate the issue.