Backed up Library but librarys are still scraping thetvdb and the moviedb

I backed up my library to multiple files but now that i’ve reinstalled osmc, my library is taking forever to load because it’s still scraping even though all the info is stored with the files. anyone know how to get it to read from the nfo’s?

I took a look at that before when I first backed my library up. But I have my library updating and it has 9 of 294 entries and it’s obviously reaching out to the scraper libraries. Should I scan everything for new content without updating?

NFO files are an alternative to going online for the library data. Kodi will always look for the existence of an NFO file before going online to download that data, even if you have setup an online scraper.

So maybe the permissions are wrong on the source and Kodi is unable to read the NFO’s.

i’ll wrestle with perms and see where it gets me. thanks for the help

Even if there are nfo files, wouldn’t it still need to get the fanart and stuff from the sources?

When you back up files separately it locally stores all the fanart you were using. at least it did for me