Backing up mysql from corrupted SD card - database location

My SD card is corrupted. I’ve attached a screenshot of what it indicates.
I’ve been able to backup my home folder by using a livecd with linux and mounting it with noload.
No logs (for obvious reasons). Using Pi4. Mysql. I’m using most recent version of Kodi and OSMC (can’t remember what that is but updated about a week or two ago). Also using TVheadend. Mysql database that I’m interested in is the MyVideos (I believe 119).

Question: I am not sure where the location of the mysql database is located, which I’m using. I would like to be able to back that up as well. Normally I’d back it up using mysqldump but unfortunately haven’t done that lately and of course can’t log in. Can someone tell me where it is? Thanks!


Thanks! I actually thought that might be the location b/c I did a search using find for MyVideo and it showed this as a location, but it didn’t seem right to me (for whatever reason - what do I know!).
Thanks so much for the quick reply!!