Backing up to NAS, FTP, or Network?

The other day I rebooted my RP2. When it came back up, it had a sad face icon, and flickered every 4 seconds. A quick google search told me it had crashed in some way.
Not knowing anything about Linux past “click this, then type that” tutorials, I was unable to repair this alone. So I had to reinstall the OS on my SD card.
My question is, is there an option or utility that I can use that will backup OSMC automatically?
Better Question: Is there reason to backup my SD aside from the initial configuration? What is actually stored on the SD card aside from configuration that I would miss if I just mirrored the SD onto another SD in case of crash, and just pop a new one in?
I do not store any media on the SD card. Everything is in multiple NAS’.

I am planning on setting up another TV with a RP2 with OSMC in my guest room, so company can turn it on, and have access to my entire library of movies and TV. If I config their RP2 the same way, if something failed on one or the other, could I just pop the working SD card out, mirror it in some way on a new card, and be up and running that fast?

My suggestion is to clone the SD card to a hard drive or another SD card.

If you are using a Windows machine, try using win32diskimager.

I do this all the time and it works beautifully.



And no database issues running a couple of the same backups in a couple RP2’s on my network accessing the same NAS’s?

If you pursue that course, then the images will be identical which means all will have the same identity, and all will use the same source paths - so there might be some confusion to sort out.
This has been commented on elsewhere (either in this forum, or the kodi forums).

That doesn’t sound like it should be a problem in my case. My NAS’s hold everything. Nothing exists (to my knowledge) on the RP2. It does sound very appealing to do so. Just getting a RP2 for each room, and not having to maintain individual profiles. Just copy the image of the SD card and save it. Then drop it in each room I add.

I know this thread is old, but I experienced a weird thing the other day.

It doesn’t relate directly to OSMC, but is relevant to this thread.

I set up a RPi2 as a music player with a HiFiBerry Amp+ and all worked great (I call it my HiFiPi). It took me a while to get right as I’m a BIT of a Linus noob. Anyway, after it was working the way I wanted it to, I thought it prudent to use win32diskimager to make a .img backup of the 8GB SDcard. The other day the HiFiPi won’t turn run. I check everything I can, but nothing. So I decide to write a new card from the .img file I had saved on my laptop I had another identical 8GB SD card, but when I try write the disc image, it is too big for the SD card!

So, what did I do wrong? Can I make that .img file smaller? I know that no more than 2GB is used out of the 8GB card.

I have experienced that size problem - its due to small differences in cards which are nominally the same size.
If you want to create a smaller image, the techniques are available - but you need to explore them.
I use USBit for imaging, as it has options to ignore some sorts of size problems.
I have also ‘copied’ from a 8G card to a 4G card by reducing the size of the ext4 filesystem.
I don’t have all my notes to hand, and my memory isn’t reliable, so I’ll merely add that I may be able to help if you want to go further