Backup addition file(s) from userdata - wakeonlan.xml

I’m using .kodi/userdata/wakeonlan.xml to start several NAS when powering on my Pi2 with OSMC.
This works fine.

The only problem I have is that this file is not saved within the normal OSMC backup. So when reinitializing the sd Card, this file must be manually created while all other data is simply restored from backup (which is located at an usb stick)

Is there any way to specify additional files (wakeonlane.xml) to be saved with backup?
Is there any way to save the complete userdata folder?

Or is there a better place to setup wake on lan instead with wakeonlan.xml?

Thanks for any help.

CC @Karnage.

Is there a reason we shouldn’t just take the whole of ~/.kodi and exclude things rather than include them?


As I did not see any further response here, I assume, that there is no way to make a complete backup.

sam_nazarko asked wheter it makse sense to backup all data and allow exclusions.
Well that would be a solution. But as I’m new, could someone advise whether it makes sense to post this change as a feature request or is it already in discussion as triggered by the last post?


It’s known that the current implementation of system backup through MyOSMC add-on leaves a bit to be desired. Improvements (of many functions, not just backup) are slated for the revamp to MyOSMC 2.0 which is in development, but currently the teams focus is on getting v18 Leia out to the public on OSMC.

Tldr; it’s coming. No, there is no general ETA. Backing up the entire .kodi directory is a simple workaround until then.