Backup - Including Profiles


I have finished setting up 1 out of 5 Vero 2’s now.

And I would like to take a backup, and transfer to other Vero 2’s.

But OSMC’s backup funtion does not backup the “profiles” folder, only profiles.xml.

Do I really have to use the Kodi Backup addon instead?

Best regards.

It’s not at all difficult to grab the entire ~/.kodi/ folder yourself using something like Filezilla or WinSCP.

Did you just change your answer :wink:

I tried now for the 3rd time… Still no “profiles folder”
Want screenshots?

Everything in OSMC backup is enabled.

I dont want to transfer 20-30K files via filezilla, takes all night.
I want all the thumbnails on the other Vero’s, so they are quick and smooth from the beginning.

So do I have to use Kodi Backup instead?


You could use a tarball.

tar -czf .kodi smasher-kodi.tgz

and then SCP it over, which will be quicker as a single file.


Swtich .kodi and smasher-kodi.tgz
tar -czf smasher-kodi.tgz .kodi/

But yeah, that works… Thank you :smiley:
Just like on RPI.

I always get them the wrong way round!

Ugggg, I think I’m gonna puke. I just used the automated backup before doing a wipe/fresh-install so now I have no profiles directory…

The backup should copy the entire Kodi user data directory. Check the file contents

It didn’t…


What is the content of profiles.xml in your screenshot?

But yes, a simple test here also created a backup tarball NOT containing the profiles directory …