Backup of settings

Time has come, end of support for ATV1 is here. As long as possible you supported this nice piece of hardware, but the effort cannot be endless. A wise decission to put energy in future projects…

In the last update (August) the MyOSMC menu was stripped from the possibility to make updates. So far , so good. With this step the possibility to make and restore backups also disappeared - not so good :frowning2:
Is there a way to reactivate this menu and only set ‘check for updates’ to never?

Thanks for the long support

Did you check under program add-ons?

I don’t think MyOSMC was removed but the Update section in MyOSMC which contains also the backup

In that case, you can simply copy and restore the /home/osmc/.kodi folder.

Yes – that’s the best way


Yes, only the update section is removed, To copy the whole folder is a good solution.
Thanks for the answer.